Destination Transformation

Destination Transformation is an 8 week program to jump start your way into feeling better, having more energy and possibly looking better, too. With our unique team of experts, you can be certain you will be on your way to a better you! Here's what our 8 week program involves: 

  • Six one-on-one consultations with a Cornell Certified Nurtritionist, Heather Howard. Between consultations, Heather will communicate and support you via text, email, phone conversations and her convenient nutritional app. 
  • Six Caci facial appointments with esthetician, Kathy Han. Kathy specializes in non-invasive, Chemical free facial fitness. 
  • Eight weeks of unlimited workouts with Julie Godfrey and her staff at the Barre Code in Plano. This one-of-a kind fitness routine works every muscle in your body. It's great for mind and body. 
  • At the end of your eight weeks, the highly decorated image consultant, Tara Hooper will guide you through several pieces of your wardrobe to help you make educated decisions on attire. A hair and makeup session is included so you are looking your best all day every day. 
  • We culminate this 8-week program with a fun and professional photography session with yours truly. Don your top three wardrobe choices, selected by you and Tara with perfectly orchestrated hair and makeup. 

Additional Bonuses: 

  • Complimentary grippy socks so you can head to your new workout routine in style. 
  • A copy of the book "Big Phat Goals" by Dean Lindsay. This book also serves as a workbook to aid you in your journey. 
  • If by the end of eight weeks you haven't achieved your ultimate goal, Photography by Misty will gift you with a second photography session at the 6-month point. 


Meet the Team of Experts: